Four walks along the beaches of northern Spain

All the charm of the Basque Country and the beaches of northern Spain

The Spanish beaches of the Mediterranean have always enjoyed international fame for their beauty and warmth. They are places that are loved by surfers, with stretches of pristine sand and breathtaking views. The Iberian Peninsula has hundreds of qualities that make it irresistible for the occasional visitor and even for Spaniards themselves. There are small cities like the beautiful Toledo, big cities like modern Barcelona and the Balearic Islands with a tropical climate. All these places are wonderful, but those unknown to many are even more so, places that hide beaches and outdoor activities for adventurers.

"The real discovery does not consist in finding new places, but in seeing them" - Pablo Picasso

The Basque countries express marked traits. The territory unrolls between the Bay of Biscay, France, Navarre, Cantabria and Castile. Basque, a harsh and mysterious language, withstands the inflence of Castilian, something you will notice when reading directions or information in a museum. But like many places that perch on rocks overlooking the sea, the countries offer an excellent opportunity for adventure and exploration.

A hidden nature reserve in the north

Urdaibai is a protected area of land with a great variety of landscapes, and the picturesque port at the mouth of the Guernica estuary is just one of these. The beautiful beaches, cliffs and mountains are some of the best features to appreciate while walking or cycling through the area. For the more adventurous types we recommend a boat ride down the coast. Cabo Ogoño is another important place to visit if you can, being a great place to rest and relax. We suggest you stay in one of our hostels when you visit: AliciaZzz Bnb Bilbao. If you're a surfer then you've come to the right place: the wild waves of these places are recommended by professionals from all over the world.

The wild beach of Meñakoz

Between Sopelana and Barrika there is a little-visited and hidden beach. We are talking about the wild beach of Meñakoz, which is only half an hour from Bilbao. This stone beach is considered synonymous with diversity because it anually attracts both controversial nudists and surfers in search of some adrenaline.

Many mountaineering enthusiasts try to climb the hills and paths that lead to the beach cliffs while they watch the waves crash against the huge rocks. This area of ​​the coast can give the impression of being more dramatic on a grey winter day, but the surrounding area's bars and restaurants are frequented all year round, the perfect places to watch the beautiful sunsets.

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The spectacular corner of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Another hidden corner of the Basque Country is this exotic jewel, whose historical past hides religion, war and cinema. On the island there is a small church located 80 meters above sea, which was once been invaded and sacked by an English captain.

It was later destroyed, but then rebuilt in the due to its historical and cultural value in the area. It is also worth noting that this place was chosen as the stage for filming the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The church's chapel has now been turned into a castle, named Dragonstone. A few days are needed to fully explore these places, and sowe recommend that you book a few nights at the Botxo Gallery Hostel.

The enchanting Asturian region

Have you never heard of Asturias? The Prince of Asturias ... No? Well, it is another region that is part of the Spanish nation and it is also on the north coast, but a little more to the left of the Basque Country. The Asturian area is characterized by many different landscapes and the mountains, the rich green coasts and the picturesque old cities form a wonderful and unforgettable ensemble. The same can be said of Oviedo, its capital, which conquers all its visitors with its streets, its small terraces along with its wines and ciders.

The beach of silence

While it is possible to find peace and tranquility in the whole province of Asturias, this beach is different. Some say that it is the most beautiful in the western area. Gavieiru is its actual name and to reach it have to walk along a path that crosses a hill, but even by walking the route you will start to be immersed in the tranquility of the area, and when you reach the end of the path you will be rewarded with stunning views. Luckily, it's only two hours from Leon, one of the most populated cities in the Castile and León region and where you can find several accomodation options. We suggest checking out the best price Hostal at La Torre León.

There is much to be said about the the reality of tourism. Let's try to be clear: nowadays the masses insist on going to the most famous destinations, that is, the most visited places and areas where the main purpose is trade and anything that can be done to make a profit. In reality, the percentage of travelers who don't follow the masses are very low, and they are the ones who have the courage to walk towards something new. The tour that we have proposed in this article is an opportunity to be part of this minority, to be a traveller who dares to visit to the most exotic of destinations and find pleasant surprises.